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Birthday Parties

Treat your friends to a Sweet Peas birthday bash! Delight your child as they celebrate their special day with 2

Drop-In Practices

Home Swim Lessons Drop-ins Drop-In Practices (DIPs)$5 Register Now DIPs (Drop-In Practices) are offered for 1 missed class per month

Sweet Peas Gymnastics

Home Sweet Peas Gymnastics About Sweet Peas The Sweet Peas Educational Gymnastics Program provides fun and delightful cognitive and developmental

Adult Swim Lessons

Home Swim Lessons Adults Adults$145 Register Now SwimAmerica- Davis offers options for adults, whether you’re overcoming a fear of water

3 & Up

Home Swim Lessons 3 & Up About These Lessons Developed by swim coaches, our children’s program is technique-driven with defined

Swim Lessons

Choose Your Class: SwimAmerica 2 months ago Little Swimmers SwimAmerica 2 months ago 3 & Up SwimAmerica 2 months ago

Little Swimmers

Home Swim Lessons Little Swimmers About Little Swimmers Goldfish classes require coach approval to join. All Little Swimmers start in