When can I register?
Anytime. If you join in the middle of the month, your fees will be adjusted or prorated to reflect the number of days left in that month (you will hear us use the term “prorated” when we refer to billing in months that have more/less days included in your classes).

What if I don’t want my credit card or bank account number billed automatically each month?
To receive pricing for a “perpetual” lesson and guarantee your lesson time each week, we must have a credit card or bank account number so that we can bill your fees automatically at the beginning of the month. Most families find this service convenient and easy, and since we follow security protocols established by law and our bank, your financial information is safe.

Do we have lessons on holidays or when schools are closed?
SwimAmerica observes some DJUSD school holidays. Please check our calendar (online or at Sales) for specific dates the pool and gym are closed and lessons are canceled (again, your fees will be adjusted to reflect the number of classes offered that month).

What happens to my auto-payment when my lesson falls on a day SwimAmerica is closed? Or a month with 5 days? Our monthly fees are based on a four-week month. If your regular lesson falls on a holiday, your auto-payment will be prorated to reflect the closure. If a month has an extra week and you end up with 5 lessons, your monthly charge will reflect the additional lesson for that month.

We’re going on vacation for several weeks this summer. If you leave for an extended time, we may be able to stop and restart your lessons. Keep in mind that your restarted lesson may need to be at a different day or time. Please call the office at 530-759-1214 or speak with a staff member at the front desk if you need to miss your lessons for more than two weeks in a row.

Our family’s schedule varies by season. What if I need to change my day and time throughout the year? No worries! You can change your class day or time at any time as long as there’s availability. Just call the office at 530-759-1214 or stop by check-in and speak with a staff member.

What happens to my class day and time if my child moves up a level?
In many cases, when a swimmer moves up a level, the current swim class (instructor and other children) will continue to work for them because many levels are grouped together (such as Level 1-2-3). Class and level changes do not happen automatically. Your Head Coach will let you know if you need to move to another class. You will do this at the Sales Desk. There may be an opening at the same day and time, or we may need to find another day and time that will work for you.

What if my child’s class isn’t working out? Please discuss this with your Head Coach. You can also call 530-759-1214, or stop by the Sales Desk to change your class time. You can sign up for a new class and update family information online.

Can I change my class time or day online? You will need to call 530-759-1214 or stop by our Sales Desk to change your class time. You can sign up for a new class and update family information online.

How do I withdraw from lessons? Stop by the Sales Desk or download the withdrawal form HERE. Withdrawals must be submitted by the 25th of the month to avoid being billed for the following month.